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The never-forgotten and breath-taking sceneries – the Managong Falls of Sibagat, Binaba, Bega, Tugunan Falls of Prosperidad, Pingyan Falls at Rosario, Dumanon Falls at Trento, Bolong-Bolongan and Papag II Falls of Bunawan, MOtong falls at La Paz and Mining Kalong Falls at San Luis. Mt. Diwata Hot and Cold Spring Springs located in San Francisco. Marble Mountain and Marble Cave with green waters at Veruela and the underground river of Tumuahon Cave in Rosario make the province another paradise land of the Philippines.

Its hundred lakes and rivers are fishing enclaves and its plains, rolling terrain and mountain ranges have varied and abundant mineral deposits of gold, silver, nickel, ore and many others. Agusan Del Sur is one of the richest provinces in the Philippines when it comes to agricultural and mineral resources.

Agusan Del Sur initially unveils her secrets of pristine panorama where man can commune ultimately with God and Nature.

Agusan Del Sur is a prominsing paradise found in the northeastern part of Mindanao. It is the land of the  proud and brave Agusanons, land of multi-ethnic and cultural diversity of its own. It is hidden in the vastness of its 896,550 hectares of endless green carpets and undulating forest cover which envelope its half a million people with fresh mountain air, the long winding Agusan river passess through the middle valley of Agusan del Sur.

The famous Agusan Marsh of 22,000 hectares, the largest marshland in the Philippines (straddling out of 14 municipalities) is now a national wild park, the only remaining and largest sago palm and lanipao forest in Asia, a catchment area for floodwaters from the Agusan River and its tributaries with a 4-meter thick sail sediments containing trapped fossils of ancient flora and fauna, and a home to countless indigenous species of plants and animals.

Tropical timberlands and rainforests covering vast portion of the total land area. These assured the supply of its dozens bubbling, gushing waterfalls, and laughing rivers, its fertile plains, valleys and agricultural lands, including its people, all year round, as the province has no pronounced dry season.

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